the-making-of-the-unrealisedchamber of fine arts lädt den kreuzbergpavillon berlin ein:
KREUZBERG PAVILLON Olten-Edition im Tattarletti-Inzwischen Kulturplatz, Aarauerstrasse 55, 4600 Olten
Berlin zu Besuch….Visite des Kunstraums Kreuzbergpavillon Berlin in Olten
Donnerstag 1. Dezember 2016…..18-23 Uhr mit Bar und Suppe.
Künstlerinnen und Künstler,

bis 27. November einen Titel auswählen und Werkinfos an

mehr infos:



Tattarletti – Inzwischen Kulturplatz

CH-4600 Olten 

Open call  :

What’s in a title for you? Kreuzberg Pavillon from Berlin asked artists from Berlin and abroad to submit one or more titles for potential contributions by artists from Olten to the show „The making of the unrealized“ on Thursday December 1st at Tattarletti – Inzwischen Kulturplatz. Artists in Olten are invited to choose one of the following titles and submit a contribution to the show. A contribution with one of the chosen titles will be presented as a collaborative work in the show by two artists. Titles that were not chosen to work with, will be presented in the same exhibition as unrealized contributions.

Please choose one of the following titles you want to realise and send your submission 

including chosen title and description of realization of the title until november 27th, 2016

List of titles  :

A Reservation

Summer Nostalgia 

Undeveloped Sketches

All is fine now yes but I miss you a lot 

About the aches of emancipation 

Stain or hole, who can say that

I like One Day Happenings 

Speaking of the devil 

Kardashian Forest

This is what it is


Stolen good

Science for a New Dark Age

Replaced to be


Isometric Metaphors

Bad artist next to bad artwork

Less than you expect and more than you think

Thin tower

Mausoleum of outdated art


The archeology of the ephemeral


Putting da fun back into mentalism

Submitting coordinates: (1;1), (1;-1), (-1;-1), (-1;1)

Double Slash Indicates That the Code is No Longer in Use

The Monkey Interrupted

Hooking for a Lookup

Tread Lightly in the Forest (But Carry a Sharp Stick)

The Dancing Cockroach

We are Blob

I am the half and the omega.

This is Arte Povera in the mental sense, this is shutting up as due 


Sadly, the machine is now more’fast’ than ’soft’.

I will no longer mention the unspoken life beyond living.

Don’t believe the truth, for the truth shall set you free.

List of contributors (titles) :

Jeffrey Asan, Yvon Chabrowski, Birte Endrejat, Janos Fodor, 

Wes Gilpin, Sonja Hornung, Joanna Kosowska,

Gabriel Johann Kvendseth, Saemundur Thor Helgasson,

Rasmus Hungnes, Nina Lassila, Antoanetta Marinov, Miná Minov,

Moritz Nehrkorn, Sonya Schönberger, Eirik Storesund,

Joshua Schwebel, Levi Wolffe, Christof Zwiener

About Kreuzberg Pavillon : 

Kreuzberg Pavillon is an artist run Project Space in Berlin with weekly 

shows since 2011. This year we run a program of short term open calls. 

First we announce a series of conditions, different from one week to the 

next. The contributions we select don’t necessarily have to be artworks, 

nor do they have to be produced by artists alone. These exhibitions 

revolve primarily around objects and practicalities which exist in the 

periphery of production of any given exhibition. This practice turned the 

weekly exhibitions into weekly experimental exercises in reference to 

the idea of what a project space could be today.

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